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The Stunning Ocean Jasper™️ Bracelet
The Stunning Ocean Jasper™️ Bracelet
The Stunning Ocean Jasper™️ Bracelet

The Stunning Ocean Jasper™️ Bracelet

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Attract positive and enriching energies for overcoming your daily challenges by wearing our Stunning Ocean Jasper™️ Bracelet.❤️

  • The Stunning Ocean Jasper™️ Bracelet is the trend for all the SEASON'S layering!
  • Leather Wrap Bracelet with multicolor shades in blues, browns, gold, off-white, rounds and squares, a silver clasp and finished off with a large turquoise jasper stone with gorgeous striations!
  • The bracelet is weaved with a finished tan leather cording that will provide years and years of pleasure.
  • Bracelet measures 36 inches, so it will wrap around an average size wrist 5 times.
  • Turquoise jasper stone measures 1 1/4 by 1.5 inches long! Length can be extended by the 4 inches of leather openings for the button closure
  • All bracelets are individually packed in handcrafted drawstring bags or in a wooden gift box, ready to be sent as a gift. 
Ocean Jasper Meanings and Properties 
  • Ocean Jasper is a multi-colored stone with orb-like inclusions and can have background colors like green, yellow, pink, grey, blue, red, cream, white, black, and brown. This stone has all the colors of the rainbow!
  • In this stone, there are also many bands and patterns of color. Some will even have to spark druzy quartz in them. The polka dots, wavy and curly lines, and colorful floret patterns are what make this a beautiful and exciting stone!
  • Ocean Jasper will invite you to open yourself up to its soothing energies, to breathe in its essence, to acknowledge its gentle power, and to cast your burdens aside.
  • This stone will give you peace and allow yourself to let go and attune yourself to being physically and spiritually present. It embodies happiness, joy, and all the good things in life.
  • The Ocean Jasper will remind you that you possess the inner strength to defeat those who want to bring you down. It will make you understand yourself and your personal power.
  • This stone also signifies renewal, just like Bixbite. There will be many things that will happen in your life and so many things that you will experience. Some of them will be good for you, while some will be bad.
  • Ocean Jasper is a stone that honors the principle that what you put out in the universe is what will come back to you. If you want to have love and happiness in your life, you need to give more love and happiness to the world.
  • This stone will promote change. It will be beneficial for you because you will be able to let go of old ways and habits that are no longer good for you.
  • The Ocean Jasper will help you become more empathetic to the needs of others. It will make you realize that you can manifest a beautiful and happy life by projecting well to the world.

Fashion For All Women™️ is committed to loving and sustaining our planet, so we will be donating a portion of all proceeds to 1% For the Planet association.