Wave Ring

Wave Ring

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Did you know that billions of pounds of plastic areĀ found in the oceans and it takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade?šŸŒŠ

Plastic in the ocean breaks down into such small segments that pieces of plastic from a one-liter bottleĀ could end up on every mile of beach throughout the world. šŸ˜®

HELPĀ us bring awareness to this troubling issue by wearing this FREE wave ring.

Just pay for shipping šŸŒŽĀ Ā 

Fashion For All Womenā„¢ļø is committed to loving and sustaining our planet, so we will be donating a portion of all proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation.

  • HIGHESTĀ MATERIAL QUALITY ā€” Crafted to stand the test of time. Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver, mixed with alloys to add strength and durability.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ā€” We promise superior service which includes fast shipping, great communication, and Fashion For All Women's refund policy.
  • QUALITY ā€” All jewelry is new and inspected for quality assurance.

Ocean Pollution Facts:Ā 

  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is located in the North Pacific Gyre off the coast of California and is the largest ocean garbage site in the world. This floating mass of plastic is twice the size of Texas, with plastic pieces outnumbering sea life six to one.
  • Plastic constitutes approximately 90 percent of all trash floating on the ocean's surface, with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile.
  • One million seabirdsĀ and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans.
  • 44 percent of all seabird species, 22 percent of cetaceans, all sea turtle species and a growing list of fish species have been documented with plastic in or around their bodies.


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